WAVEYA Taylor Swift - Shake It Off Choreography Ari-1449461726

WAVEYA Taylor Swift - Shake It Off Choreography Ari-1449461726



About WaveyaEdit

Waveya (웨이브야) is an all-female dance group originating from South Korea that has been around since 2006. Currently, Waveya consists of two members: Ari and MiU, of which both are the founders of the group and are sisters to each other with the former being older.

Originally, there are other several members besides the sisters (which was due to the results of auditions hosted by the said sisters), but due to studies, career advancements, and other unknown reasons, they all had left. While Waveya hosted a search for a new member back in March of 2015, no new members have been added since then.

During 2006, Waveya posted videos of their dance on a Korean portal site, UCC, before settling it on YouTube in 2011 with the channel name being called waveya2011.

As of 2018, Waveya currently has over 2.6 million subscribers, over 900 million views in total, and at least 400 videos posted on their YouTube channel. 

  • Present members: Ari (아리) and MiU (미유).
  • Past members: Yan Zi, Cansu (칸수), Mirae (미래), Hyang (향), YuNa (유나), Doori (두리), YuJi (유지),Yess (예스), Rumi (루미), Jin (진), and Hai (하이)


Here are the compliments that the leader and co-leader says about Waveya

"The members of Waveya are supposed to be sexy young girls who show female and natural beauty" -Ari

"Our team works together and accomplishes things as a team" -MiU

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